The most significant component of living in a smart home is having quick access to everything in your home, which increases your convenience. It relieves you of a lot of tasks while still allowing you to maintain control. Purchasing the gear and technology necessary to create your smart home is costly. So, before you make this practically irreversible commitment, you need first grasp the importance of a smart home in your life.

Having a smart house is like living with a very smart and perceptive man named Friday. If you’re concerned about leaving the motor running or the geyser running after you’ve left the house, a smart home will detect the hazard and shut it down before it explodes.

With the help of smart technology, your life at home is made frictionless, from your smart fridge knowing when your milk is running low and putting an order for more to your washing machine working without urging.

But what about Automation Panel?

Automation panels have proven to be one of the most disruptive technical advancements in recent times, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. With significant advancements in the Internet of Things (IOT) sphere, the smart home automation panel continues to flourish. These futuristic devices are slowly making their way into our homes, allowing us to take complete control of water, temperature, and even protection features at the touch of a button, thanks to a refined range of home automation solutions.

Most of these house activities are now easily controlled by automated technology thanks to the emergence of automation panels such as Hot Water Recirculation Line automation. This technology-based control panel uses a timer to regulate the operating and timing of the hot water recirculation pump in order to maintain water temperature wherever it is needed in the building. This Smart Recirculation Control panel is a “On-Demand” smart hot water recirculating pump controller for homes that have a dedicated recirculation loop.

The Smart Recirculation Control controller recognizes hot water extraction from any plumbing fixture and runs the recirculation pump until the water in the recirculation loop is hot. This automated control panel has everything you’ll need to keep your hot water pump running smoothly. The dual temperature sensor system uses the differential to determine when to turn the pump on and off, so it doesn’t matter what temperature your water heater is set to.

Automated Controls

Smart Mode — There are two working modes on the ILIOS Automation Panel: “Smart” and “Pulse.” Set the toggle switch on the control board to the desired mode, and the ILIOS Automation Panel will take care of the rest! The pump never needs to be reset, and pump operation is not controlled by a TIMER OR AQUASTAT. Because it is a timer-based panel, hot water is always accessible in seconds.

The ILIOS Automation Panel in Action

The ILIOS Automation Panel Hot Water Recirculation will monitor and record the home’s hot water usage trend for the first 7 days of operation using cutting-edge electronics. The ILIOS Automation Panel cycles the pump for the next 7 days based on the previous week’s usage pattern, supplying fast hot water to all fixtures alone. The ILIOS Automation Panel cycles the pump for the following 7 days, supplying immediate hot water at all fixtures only when needed, based on the previous week’s usage pattern. Every week, the process will be repeated.

Pulse Mode — An optional “Pulse” mode can be selected, which causes the ILIOS Automation Panel to run for the specified time every 10 minutes, keeping all fixtures hot.

Function During Vacation

The pump will automatically turn off after 36 hours of idleness and remain off until hot water demand is detected again.

Exercise Purpose

To avoid corrosion or scale accumulation, the pump will cycle on once every 7 days and run for 10 seconds while in vacation mode.

The Smart Recirculation Control is all you’ll need to keep your hot water pump running smoothly. It doesn’t matter what temperature your water heater is set at since the dual temperature sensor system uses the difference to determine when to turn the pump on and off.

SAVE YOUR PLUMBING WITH THE SMART RECIRCULATION CONTROL. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS! Continuously running a recirculation pump will corrode the copper piping in your home, resulting in pin-hole leaks and the need to replace the entire hot water supply system! This is not a tiny sum of money. By converting your recirculation pump into an on-demand hot water pump, the Smart Recirculation Control helps you avoid this expense. Because the Smart Recirculation Control determines when to activate the pump based on the demand for hot water, it works even when your washing machine or dishwasher requires hot water. Unlike other on-demand hot water systems, no switches or sensors must be installed at each faucet site, and no wires or wireless transceivers must be maintained.

The Smart Recirculation Control additionally includes a series of “Smart Timers” TM for scheduling the heating of the recirculation loop. The Smart Recirculation Control, on the other hand, only runs the pump until the loop is heated up, thanks to the dual temperature sensor design. If the controller does not detect a hot water draw within 24 hours, the “Smart Timers” TM are disengaged.

To live a sustainable lifestyle, mart home automation makes us think on our behaviours and corrects our mistakes. This is primarily why, in the future, automation will become a way of life to live.

More than simply adapting to changes, smart home automation emphasises the importance of a lifestyle transformation that will allow us to stop taking nature for granted. The introduction of 5G, on the other hand, will catapult the smart home automation market to new heights. Selecting home automation technology from a respectable and reliable brand is a crucial role that consumers should play. Smart home solutions have become more straightforward and accessible as a result of consolidating everything onto a single platform.