ILIOS is a brand that has launched innovative and modern products! Our products include heat pump water heaters, control panels for pumps, insulation tank jackets, and modern recessed manhole covers. At ILIOS, we are aiming to bring automation, innovation, and technology across various regions of plumbing, drainage, and wellness. With our cutting-edge products and innovative solutions, ILIOS contributes toward better and more efficient plumbing.

Core Value


We appreciate our employees’ and company’s capacity to keep their promises to consumers and each other. We take responsibility for our work and strive for continuous improvement.

Personnel Dedication

We value and respect the efforts of all of our employees. We actively recruit talented, effective, and committed employees.

Leadership & Technology

As individuals and as a company functioning in the Indian market, we lead with innovation and technology, refined knowledge, and creativity.

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We are convinced that technology and innovation are the source of our competitive edge. This enables us to maintainour company’s leadership position in renewable technology.


We are dependable not only in terms of the solutions we deliver, but also in terms of how we carefully maintain the connections we form.


We conduct all of our actions honestly, both inside the company and in the communities where we are active.


To address tomorrow’s difficulties, we must innovate. Get ready for the revolution.

We’re always trying to improve how consumers think about and interact with our products..

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Heat Pump
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Heat pump technology provides comfort

Heat pumps extract solar energy from the atmosphere to heat water. In this regard, they are comparable to solar water heating systems; the difference is that the energy required to heat water is extracted from the atmosphere rather than from direct sunlight.

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Heat Pump

Enduring Quality

Renewable & High-Efficiency

Caring For The Planet

Control Panel
Ilios India
ILIOS offers the best automation panel selection, which includes two automation panels!
Hot Water Recirculation Pump Automation Control Panel
Overhead Tank Level Automation Control Panel
The ILIOS automation control panel has two modes of operation: “Timer based” and “Overflow protection.”
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Hot Water Recirculation
Control Panel

Hot Water recirculation Line automation

Timer Based Panel

Overhead Tank Level
Control Panel

Over Flow Protection

Overhead Tank Indication

Plumbing & Drainage Accessories
Ilios India

Insulation Water Tank Jacket a one-stop solution for maintaining optimal water temperature in all types of extreme weather, It is precisely designed for 500 liter, 1000 liters, 1500 liters, & 2000 liters plastic water tank.

Recessed manhole covers allow safe & functional access to drains and sewers while being visually appealing!

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Insulation Tank Jackets

Material for Reflective Insulation

Multilayered Jacket

Recessed Manhole Cover

Light Weight

High Load Capacity and Strength

Water Softener
Ilios India

The ILIOS WATER SOFTENER is the superhero of home appliances, swooping in to fight the bad guys of hard water. Hard water’s high mineral content can cause havoc on appliances like washing machines & dishwashers, causing them to malfunction and break down too soon. But don’t worry; the ILIOS water softener is here to the rescue!

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Softens water, making it better for skin and hair.

Prevents mineral build-up and clogs in pipes and appliances.

Increases appliance efficiency, saving money on energy bills.

Increases appliance efficiency, saving money on energy bills.

Reduces the need for cleaning products.