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 Choosing the right Manhole drain cover can be a difficult task for those who do not deal with them on a daily basis. Although they appear to be fairly self-explanatory, manhole covers come in a variety of dimensions, sizes, and materials, and failing to select the correct one or failing to replace a damaged cover can be costly.

Recessed manhole covers are manufactured with extreme precision and the most advanced techniques. Our covers come in all standard sizes and have a load capacity of 10 tonne. There are square and rectangular shapes available, as well as single and double seal arrangements. These heavy coverings keep unauthorised people and materials out of the access point. These recessed tile able manhole covers are of the highest quality and have been meticulously prepared using weather-resistant materials.

Manhole Covers

Product Features

  • Protection against theft and increased security options
  • Light-weight
  • Long service life
  • High Load Capacity and Strength
  • There are several sizes available

Technical Features

Model IMC 300 IMC 450  IMC 600
Size 300*300mm 450*450mm 600*600mm
Materia of construction SS304 SS304 SS304
Depth 62mm 62mm 62mm
Load Class MD10/10 Tonne  MD10/10 Tonne  MD10/10 Tonne
Feature Recessed Tileable Manhole Covers Recessed Tileable Manhole Covers Recessed Tileable Manhole Covers

Site Installation

Manhole Covers
Manhole Covers