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Feel the goodness of pure water with ILIOS INSULATION WATER TANK JACKET
We believe in protecting the water you use every day. We designed water insulated jackets for all types of tanks with the assistance of our expert team to protect your water storage from harmful radiation and pollutants. It shields water storage tanks from harmful UV rays, and its tested high-quality insulation material keeps the inner surface temperature stable.

Insulation Water Tank Jacket is a one-stop solution for maintaining optimal water temperature in all types of extreme weather, protecting the water tank from dust and insects, protecting the water tank lead and keeping it closed, protecting the water tank from animals like monkeys, and keeping your family healthy and safe from dangerous hot water in summer. It keeps dirt out of the tank and maintains hygiene. It shields your water tank from the effects of the elements, extending the tank’s life.

Tank Jacket

Water Tank Insulation Jacket Specifications

Simple Installation

The water tank cover comes with installation instructions and tools. It is simple to set up.

Has a Very Long Life

The container Insulation cover lasts for many years, is resistant to all weather conditions, and requires no maintenance.

Multilayered Jacket

ILIOS Water Tank jacket is made up of 3 layer aluminum thermal bubble wrap insulation with 4mm thickness.

Material for Reflective Insulation

High-performance insulation was provided by the insulation material. Your tank is fully protected by the content. With these insulating jackets, one can feel secure.

Increase the Life of Your RO Water Purifier

Hot water hurts and shortens the life of a RO water purifier; this Ilios water tank Insulation cover keeps water from becoming too hot, extending the life of the RO.

Stop Tank Decay

This water tank insulation jacket extends the life of the plastic tank by preventing degeneration and preventing harmful chemical leaks into the water.

Technical Features

  • Capacity: 500,1000,1500,2000 Litres
  • Outer Colour : Silver reflective
  • Openable sides : 4
  • Single stitched in one piece : YES
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Quality: High Quality packaging
  • Delivery: Quick & Fast delivery
  • Installation: Easy self-installation